Florida Gated Retirement Communities

Just as in several other states, maybe even your own, gated communities are located all over Florida. But if you’ve never lived in a gated community, there are some basics you need to know about gated communities in Florida.

Gated communities are gaining in popularity across the nation, especially in the Sunbelt. They can either be manned, with guards posted at the gates and patrolling the streets regularly, or they can be unmanned, with arms or gates that open when you press a button on your garage door opener or enter your secret code in a call box.

When guests come visit your gated Florida retirement community they will either be required to stop and speak to the guard or call your home from the call box before proceeding into the community. While this can sometimes be inconvenient for some people, there is no doubt that gated communities do a good job at keeping solicitors, sightseers, and general riffraff out of the neighborhood, as well as protecting and enhancing the value of the homes in a community.

If your home in Florida is just going to be a part time residence, you might enjoy the added peace of mind that a gated community can give you while you are away. Guards in some communities will even check your doors and windows for you while you are gone. Some can act as a sort of concierge service, accepting packages for you and putting them aside for you until you return.

When considering a Florida gated community, be sure to ask your salesperson or real estate agent what level of service you can expect from the guards in the community you are considering. If you get a chance, speak to a guard and see if they can give you any tips either on the community or the area you are considering. Guards typically see hundreds of people every day and therefore have their fingers on the pulse of the community.

Do not let the fact that a community is gated lull you into a false sense of security. No community, gated or otherwise, is immune to crime. Unfortunately crime can happen anywhere, it does not discriminate based on zip code. Remember to keep your doors locked, garage door closed, and store any valuables in a safe place.

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