Florida Real Estate Closing Costs

When looking at homes in Florida retirement communities, you should know that there are costs other than the sales price that are incurred in every real estate transaction. As the buyer, your share of these costs will typically range from 1% to 2% of the sales price. The closing costs that you pay will be a function of a couple factors including what you have negotiated in the real estate contract and whether or not you are getting a mortgage.

Closing costs that are customarily paid for by the buyer include:

Recording of the deed

Documentary stamps on the deed* ($.70 for every $100 of the sales price).

*This is typically paid by the seller in a resale transaction, but I included it here because many builders require the buyer to pay this.

Documentary stamps on the mortgage ($.35 for every $100 financed)

Intangible tax on the mortgage ($.002 times the mortgage amount)

Lender’s title insurance policy


Prepaid interest

Prepaid HOA Dues, capital contributions, or transfer fees

One year of insurance in full

Appraisal Fee

Underwriting Fee

Flood certification fee

And more…