Florida Solar Energy Powered Homes

Image Credit: Pink Dispatcher on Flickr

Image Credit: Pink Dispatcher on Flickr

Hoping to go “off the grid” and save on your electric bills after you retire and move to Florida? Well that is getting easier as several Florida home builders are offering the option of solar powered home packages. The increase in the amount of builders offering this option is due to the increase in state and federal tax incentives they can receive for offering the solar power systems.

But, in addition to the builder getting money back, the you as the buyer of the home may also qualify for energy efficiency tax credits, sometimes as much as 30% of the cost. When you factor in what you could save on electric bills it could become a wash after just a few years in your new Florida home.

Solar power isn’t the only way though to go about making your home energy efficient. You should also look for Energy Star rated windows and appliances, a high SEER air conditioning unit, and you should look into adding extra insulation above and beyond the builder’s standard offering.

For more information about Energy Efficient “Green Homes” in Florida, you should check out the Florida Green Building Coalition.

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