Common Florida HOA Rules and Regulations

Another aspect of communities with homeowners’ associations is that most involve rules and regulations, or covenants and restrictions (C and Rs) also referred to as covenants, conditions, and restrictions (C, C and Rs). Be sure to ask for a copy before you sign any purchase agreement, and make sure that the agreement is contingent on (depends upon) your understanding and approval of the covenants and restrictions and rules and regulations.

Some common rules and regulations that may be included in the documents of Florida retirement communities are rules regarding:


Some communities have restrictions on what type of fence you may have, the material it can be made of, how high it can be, or if any fences are allowed at all. If a community you are considering does not allow fences at all, and you have pets that require being fenced in, you might have to consider an invisible fence.

Playground or sports equipment

Basketball hoops are not allowed in more and more communities, while some allow portable basketball hoops as long as they are stored in the garage when not in use. Swing sets and slides are also commonly not allowed because of how they can deteriorate in appearance, and in maintenance-free communities where lawn care is included they are a hindrance to the easy cutting of your lawn.


Overnight or long-term street parking are often not allowed. This is as much a fire and police safety issue as it is an aesthetic issue. Boats and trailers are usually not allowed to be stored outside, so you must find room in your garage or park them offsite.

Changes to the exterior of your home

Most homeowners’ associations require that an architectural or design review committee approve any changes you wish to make to the exterior of your home. This includes things such as adding a screened-in patio, swimming pool, or painting your home a different color. Even changes to your landscaping must sometimes be approved….