Most Bike Friendly Florida Cities

We wrote a few days ago how some active adults communities are targeting motorcycle enthusiasts. But Florida is also very conducive to another activity on two wheels, bicycling.

Bicycling Magazine recently came out with their list of America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities and two Florida cities made the list. Gainesville which is a college town built around the University of Florida is one.

According to Bicycling Magazine approximately 5 percent of Gainesville residents (mostly students) commute by bike. I’ve visited Gainesville many times and I’ve also spoken to several people who lived there or went to school there and their only complaint is that it can be darn near impossible to find an open spot in a bike rack at most places. Other than that its great for bicyclists.

To the surprise of many, the other city chosen as most bike-friendly in Florida is Miami. According to the magazine, Miami has made big strides in recent years to make the city more conducive to cyclists.

“In less than two years, Miami has gone from being one of the worst bike cities in America to one that strives to be one of the best. Former mayor Manny Diaz hired the city’s first bike-ped coordinator, and the city has hosted a number of ciclovia events. New bike lanes, sharrows and trails are in the works.”

With great weather most months out of the year, Florida is a great place to retire if riding is your passion.

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  1. Sandra Edghill says

    I am from Venezuela, I am 58, and retired when I was 55. I worked for American owned companies located in Venezuela for over 25 years, and now seeking to retire in the USA. I would like to know if there are rental communites for retirees in Florida? I would like first to rent an apartment to see the life style and see if I like it. Is there any USA laws for retirees from other countries? Can someone with a tourist visa rent a house or apartment in Florida?

    Thank you,

    Sandra Edghill

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