Zero Lot Line Homes

You may notice that in some communities here in Florida, the houses are extremely close together, sometimes a few feet or less apart. What you are probably looking at is a zero lot line community. Zero lot line means that the house is placed either on or very close to one side of the lot, allowing for a little more yard on the opposite side, and sometimes also very close to either the front or the back, which allows you to have either a bigger front yard or bigger back yard.

This method allows for more homes to be built in a smaller amount of area, and is great for someone who wants very little yard to maintain, but does not want to sacrifice home size to accomplish that goal. Another benefit is that many zero lot line communities are maintenance free communities, so as the owner you won’t have to worry about cutting the grass anyway.

The downside to zero lot line homes and communities, of course, is that you will be very close to your neighbors home, which for some people is not an idea situation. So if you’re the least bit claustrophobic, it might be best to avoid a zero lot line community in Florida.

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