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Florida Retirement Insider is a private, member's only community designed to help you get clear on all the options available to you as you plan your retirement life in Florida.

This is achieved through our:

  • "Behind the Scenes" Community Tours and Insight
  • Expert Interviews and Q&A's
  • Premium Content
  • Ad-free experience
  • Member's Only Community

Here's a glimpse of what each of those entail.

"Behind-the-Scenes" Community Tours

Some people can't make it to Florida on a regular basis to check out all the new communities.

That's o.k.!

Let me be your eyes and ears in Florida!

For example, here's a clip from my recent visit to Latitude Margaritaville...

That's just a small clip from my visit. The actual video is more than 30 minutes long!

These community tours aren't meant to be high dollar productions like the developers send out.

I want you to see what these communities are REALLY like. Warts and all!

A Private Member's Only Community

Florida Retirement Insider makes it easy to connect with and learn from others on the same path to retirement in Florida as you.

How much time, energy, and effort will you save by learning from others going through the same things as you are?

Have a question for me? I'm in the community every day answering member's questions and replying to other comments.

I’ve also invited several of my friends who are experts on certain parts of Florida and certain communities (like The Villages, Latitude Margaritaville, Lakewood Ranch, etc.) to act as sort of “Ambassadors” … available to help answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

Expert Interviews and Q&A’s

You'll get access to monthly Q&A’s and expert interviews.

Sometimes these are with me based on reader questions, but oftentimes they’re with people who are considered “local experts” on the Florida retirement communities and destinations you are most interested in.

Check out this video answering a member's question about property taxes in Florida:

Premium Content

You'll get access to additional upgraded content not available on my website or anywhere else!

These are based on the topics readers want the most and include things like: 

  • cost of living breakdowns
  • community comparisons
  • community reviews

...and more!

Future Floridians Wanted

75% of my readers plan to spend $200,000 or more for their new home here in Florida.

That's why they don't mind spending a few extra dollars a month to make sure they have all the information they need and don't miss anything important.

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